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The Black Angel
Original title: El Ángel Negro
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The Black Angel

Original title: El Ángel Negro

In the winter of 1667, Miguel de Torres and his brother Diego are accused of high treason and condemned to perpetual exile. Trying to rebuild their lives in Maracaibo, they are captured by the pirate Captain Morgan who sells them as slaves. Meanwhile, Kelly Colbert must face the punishment of travelling to Jamaica for having refused to agree to an arranged marriage. At her uncle’s plantation, she will be forced to struggle against the mores of plantation society, her disgust with the institution of slavery and, above all, attraction to Miguel, the arrogant Spanish slave.

Highlights The Black Angel


Nieves Hidalgo is one of the best-selling romantic authors in Spain.



A story of adventure and eternal love featuring family betrayal, vengeance, slavery and honour among pirates set in the Caribbean. The novel is written with a healthy sense of humour, very much along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Nieves Hidalgo knows how to captivate readers of romantic literature, keeping us gripped from the first page to the last.” - www.novelaromantica.com

Rights sold

Hisa knjig (Slovenia).

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Publishing date: | 352 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-10573-2 | Imprint: Esencia