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Far from Louisiana
Original title: Lejos de Luisiana

Far from Louisiana

Original title: Lejos de Luisiana

An epic drama full of thrilling adventures and passion in which a determined woman won’t be afraid to fight for justice and freedom.

In 1763, after years building a colony, the Girard family accepts the controversial decision of their home country, France, to cede to Spain part of the unconquered territories of the Mississippi. But they will suffer the consequences of their compatriots’ rebellion against the Spanish, the war for independence between North American and Britain, and the desperate struggle of the natives to survive.

In this convulsive times, Suzette Girard and Ishcate, an Indian from the Kaskasia tribe, will wage their own battle: to preserve their love against the threats of the world they’re forced to live in. All of this comes together in a captivating, monumental novel that masterfully intertwines the romantic plot and the rich historical context.

A combination of adventure, history, and love in an original and singular setting –that of Louisiana in the eighteenth century– makes this a daring and powerful novel, that can be read with pleasure.

Highlights Far from Louisiana


Winner of the Planeta Prize 2022. 


A ‘river’ novel that takes us into all the conflicts that built a continent— America—, and in which Spain played a leading role.

The text follows a chronological order, structured in four parts, equal to the number of the river’s sections: upper, middle, lower and sea. Imbued with strong symbolic value, the river is a powerful metaphor of the relationship between Suzette and Ishcate and becomes the axis around which everything turns in the novel. The reader will enjoy an enthralling story, a tale of great love between its protagonists, but also a story of love for the land and for the ideals of freedom that were already beginning to emerge in a convulsive and
fascinating period.

Luz Gabás is one of the most recognized authors in Spain. Her first novel Palm Trees in the Snow became a critical and best-selling phenomenon, was translated into numerous languages and made into a movie that sold out theaters and won two Goya awards.

Rights sold

Corint (Romania), Charleston (France), Uniscorp (Bulgaria), Europa Kiadó (Hungary). Audiovisual rights optioned.

Option publishers

Ripol (Russia).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 768 pages | ISBN: 978-612-319-795-7 | Imprint: Planeta

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