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Safe Place
Original title: Lugar seguro

Safe Place

Original title: Lugar seguro

A masterful novel that shows us how fear is gradually permeating our everyday lives.

Segismundo García is a salesman convinced he’s hit on the perfect business: selling low-cost bunkers to the humblest classes, a promise of salvation for all in the face of the dreaded global collapse. But Segismundo is not in his finest moment, personally or economically, and has a troubled relationship with both his son and his father. They are three generations of social-climbing scoundrels, destined to fail again and again.

Safe Place takes place over twenty-four hours in which we accompany Segismundo on his sales visits and his search for a treasure that could solve his family problems. Along the way, his pessimistic and sarcastic view will lead him to butt heads with those who act in accordance with their belief that a better world is possible.

Isaac Rosa offers us a funny, giddy and charming novel that takes the arguments we use to assuage our contemporary anxiety and puts them in check.

"Isaac Rosa has created a brilliant portrait of three generations of sharp characters from the same family who take advantage of the cracks in the system. A captivating and disquieting novel that reflects, from a place of irony and polemic, our contemporary moment of uncertainty.” Jury of the 2022 Biblioteca Breve Prize

Isaac Rosa has just won the 2022 Biblioteca Breve Prize with a masterful novel about the uncertain world in which we live.  Through the eyes of a low-cost bunker salesman obsessed with the apocalypse, Safe Place shows us how fear is gradually permeating our everyday lives.

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Christian Bourgois (France), Liebeskind (Germany). 

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Publishing date: | 312 pages | ISBN: 978-628-00-0238-5 | Imprint: Seix Barral