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I'll Always Find You
Original title: Siempre te encontraré

I'll Always Find You

Original title: Siempre te encontraré

Laird Kieran O’Hara and his warriors are attacked by bandits as they spend the night in a forest near Castle Caerlaveroch, but they are saved by a mysterious band of hooded warriors led by a woman the locals call ‘Elf’.

Angela is the eldest of Laird Kubrat Ferguson’s daughters. Everyone thinks that she’s a weak girl who trembles at the sight of a blade and is afraid of horses. When Kieran meets her, the girl’s shyness and timidity at his gentlemanly gallantry catch his eye, but he has no idea she is the hooded warrior he is looking for.

Together they will unmask Angela’s greedy brother in law, Cedric Steward, who has hatched a terrible plan that could change the future of the inhabitants of Castle Caerlaveroch forever.

This is a vivid story with seductive characters that will keep a smile on your face as you read all about their adventures in the Scottish highlands.

Rights sold

Planeta Brasil (Brazil), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 496 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-7627-8 | Imprint: Esencia

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