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Go With the Flow
Original title: Sígueme la corriente

Go With the Flow

Original title: Sígueme la corriente

Tony Ferrasa is a handsome, wealthy and successful Puerto Rican composer.

Ruth is a twenty year old woman who is suddenly forced to take care of her newborn sister and criminal brother. When it seems that she’s finally got her life on track, she gets pregnant and her partner leaves her.

To keep her family afloat, she takes any respectable job going, so Tony and Ruth meet at a party where she’s working as a waitress. From then on, fate has them meet on different occasions but in spite of his interest, she is cold and aloof towards him. 

Little by little, they find themselves entangled in a non-relationship that will end up showing them that what they feel for each other is far more intense than they’re willing  admit. They try to stay apart but the more effort they make, the less successful they are and the more their mutual attraction grows.

Go with the Flow is a fun, sexy romantic comedy that will make you fall in love with the protagonists and everything around them. 

A fun, romantic novel that will make you smile, sigh and fall in love with the protagonists.

Rights sold

Tea Libri (Italy), Manuscrito (Portugal), Planeta (Colombia, Ecuador, México, Perú).

Option publishers

Amber (Poland), Bertelsmann "Family Leisure Club" (Ukraine), labutxaca (Catalan).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 480 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-15379-5 | Imprint: Booket

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