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Original title: Mugaritz. Puntos de fuga
Category: Gastronomy


Original title: Mugaritz. Puntos de fuga
Category: Gastronomy

More than a cookbook, this is an intimate and daring story about how Mugaritz experiences cooking, using creativity as the best ingredient to inspire, surprise and provoke diners all over the world.

With this book, Mugaritz insists on dismantling paradigms, accelerating the present of gastronomy and, above all, building launch pads to tomorrow. In doing all this, it maintains the same enthusiasm, that of seeing its audience walk on a tightrope without fear of falling.


• Confessions by Andoni Luis Aduriz to open the mind and not just the mouth. 

• Inspiring reflections on the present and future of one of the most influential restaurants of our time. 

• Thirty Vanishing Points: thirty concepts to unstitch (and experience) the creativity of Mugaritz. 

• Fifty recipes for thinking “out of the box”.

• Glossary of non-culinary terms to meet culinary challenges.

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Publishing date: | 296 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-20361-2 | Imprint: Planeta Gastro Perú