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In Defense Of Travel
Original title: En defensa del viaje

In Defense Of Travel

Original title: En defensa del viaje

Why we will keep traveling and why we will do it differently.

After a global pandemic that confined people to their homes and closed the borders of almost every single country, Tony Wheeler, founder of the mythical Lonely Planet, the main travel content provider in the world, is here to awaken our consciousness as travelers. Obviously we must protect our health, but we can’t forget that traveling has made human beings more intelligent, more cultured, and more concerned with the fate of others.

We’ve put away our passports, but it’s time to remember all the good things traveling has brought to our lives. And it’s the perfect moment to plan for a more sustainable, respectful, and sensible future, to reinvent ourselves and fix all the things we disliked about mass tourism and travelers’ bad habits. Let’s remember the past, respect the present, and sketch out the future, because…

We will travel again!

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Publishing date: | 96 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23382-4 | Imprint: GeoPlaneta