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Original title: Hasta que se acaben las canciones
Beatriz Luengo


Original title: Hasta que se acaben las canciones

Beatriz Luengo


cosy, charming rom-com in which a high
class kitty proves to be a blessing and a curse
to two rivals who, in spite of their hatred for
one another, are destined to be together
Karma, the pet cat of the wealthy Lady Inés Humanes de Arteaga, has just inherited a fortune. The late Lady Inés’ assistant, Luciana, has been designated as the cat’s guardian. Since leaving her native Colombia for Spain over 7 years ago, Luciana never imagined her quiet life would be turned upside down in quite such a surreal way.
Bastián, the son of Ines’ sister Hortensia, is a young architect with a social conscience who has never really felt like part of the family. His mother is enraged by the idea that property that has been in their family for over two centuries should wind up in the paws of a mangy cat, and Bastián finds himself forced to take part in his mother’s scheming.
In the battle to overturn the legality of the will, the family sharpen their claws as they try to get Karma back, and with her, much more than the million-euro legacy...
Amid all the madness of journeys to Colombia, cat-swapping, Cuban fortune tellers, revelations, walks around the Rastro market, nights in a police cell and a hell of a lot of lawyers, Bastián and Luciana will find themselves wrapped up in a romantic love story.

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-28678-3 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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