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Tell Me What You Want, I'll Give It To You
Original title: Pídeme lo que quieras y yo te lo daré

Tell Me What You Want, I'll Give It To You

Original title: Pídeme lo que quieras y yo te lo daré

“The sexiest, steamiest erotic saga in Spain, which has already sold over 250,000 copies, returns”

In spite of the arguments that arise from their contrasting characters, the businessman Eric Zimmerman and Judith Flores are still just as in love as the day their eyes met for the first time. Together they have built a beautiful family they adore, for whom they’ll do anything.

Flyn, the boy Judith met when she arrived in Munich, has become a teenager and, like most teenagers, his life has grown more complicated, affecting his relationships with those around him.

The love story between the lawyer Björn and the former lieutenant Mel continues apace, accompanied by their princess Sami. Living together has been good for all of them, but there’s one thing that Björn can’t convince Mel to do: marry him. 

Both couples’ relationships are going great. They love and respect each other and nothing seems out of place until suddenly people and surprises from the past emerge to interrupt their lives and turn everything head over heels.

Will they be able to get over this unexpected hump in the road? Will the love they declare for each other win out? Or will their feelings change forever? 

If you want to find out, don’t miss Ask Me For What You Want and I’ll Give it To You, the eagerly awaited new novel by Megan Maxwell: it’s more erotic, kinky and sexy than ever.

Rights sold

Objetiva (Brazil), Newton Compton (Italy), Publisol (Hungary).

Option publishers

Manuscrito (Portugal), Bertelsmann 'Family Leisure Club' (Ukraine), Amber (Poland), Pegasus (Turkey), Amazon Crossing (USA), labutxaca (Catalan), Planeta (Colombia, Ecuador, México, Perú). 

Technical data

Publishing date: | 720 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23926-0 | Imprint: Booket

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