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Would you do it?
Original title: ¿Tú lo harías?

Would you do it?

Original title: ¿Tú lo harías?

Would you do it? introduces us to three women in their early thirties who apparently have nothing in common.

África is a journalist, although her lifelong dream is to be an editor.

Gema specializes in marketing and advertising and is a mother of two.

Belinda works as a cleaner in hotels and hospitals.

They don't know each other at all until one day they coincidentally meet at a place called "Drink to Your Ex." From that moment on, they will forge a friendship that will help them face the various disappointments they have suffered in love, and, over a bottle of wine, they will challenge themselves to live life one or several notches beyond where they had dared to go.

That will mean saying goodbye to fears and shames, especially to what others might say, and a big hello to living, daring, loving, and enjoying.

Because no matter how many times you knock a woman down on her path, she will always get up, brush off the dust, and become stronger.

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Publishing date: | 488 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-28085-9 | Imprint: Esencia

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